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Our Research

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Innovating Transitional Pain Care through a Research-Driven Approach 

Our patient care model has been developed alongside rigorous research studies conducted to validate our treatment approach and continue to improve quality of care.

Current Projects

Virtual Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Conference
Title: Keeping Complex Chronic Pain Patients Alive During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Aim: The aim of this study is to adapt the gold standard treatments used that the Transitional Pain Service and the GoodHope Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Clinic at the Toronto General Hospital into a virtual intervention that will meet the needs of complex chronic pain patients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reducing Opioid Use for Patients with Chronic Pain after Surgery

Doctor Taking Notes
Title: Transitional Pain and Opioid Safety Program: Improving Pain and Opioid Practices for Complex Chronic Pain Patients Following Surgery (RECOUP)
Aim: The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the Transitional Pain Service at managing pain and opioid use in patients one year after surgery using a multicenter randomized controlled trial involving 5 hospital sites across Ontario. 

Clinically Relevant Biomarkers of Chronic Post-Surgical Pain 

Scientist in the Lab
Title: Phenomics and Genomics of Clinically Relevant Chronic Post-Surgical Pain: A Prospective Study
Aim: This prospective study aims to identify genetic and other biomarkers, including psychophysical, psychosocial, environmental, and protective factors that jointly control the transition of acute to chronic pain after a cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Real World Evidence in Patient-Reported Outcomes for Medical Cannabis

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
Title: Real World Evidence in Patient-Reported Outcomes for Medical Cannabis: A Prospective Observational Study (MC-RWE)
Aim: This prospective observational study aims to describe the effectiveness of medical cannabis on pain, sleep, and anxiety/depression using pre-defined, validated self assessment scales in a cohort of patients taking medical cannabis.
For more info see:

Cannabis Use and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Osteoarthritis

Title: A Prospective Observational Study of the Relationship Between Cannabis Use, Biomarkers, Tissue Cannabinoid Levels and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Osteoarthritis
Aim: The aim of this prospective study is to evaluate the association between cannabis use, osteoarthritis biomarkers, tissue cannabinoid levels, and clinical outcomes in a population of patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Current Projects

Virtual Care Project
Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Clinical Hypnosis Program for Postsurgical Pain and Opioid Weaning

Title: A Randomized-Controlled Trial of a Novel Perioperative Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis Program for Postsurgical Pain and Opioid Weaning.
Aim: This study tested the efficacy of a clinical hypnosis intervention in the peri-operative period, with the goal of reducing opioid use after surgery.

Evaluating and Optimizing the World-First Transitional Pain Service

Outside view of the front of the building where Toronto General Hospital is located
Title: Transitional pain service: Reducing heath care costs and improving opioid safety for complex chronic pain patients following hospital discharge.

Aim: This study evaluated our world-first Transitional Pain Service (TPS) at the Toronto General Hospital dedicated to preventing chronic pain, pain disability, and persistent opioid use following surgery and to reducing associated health care costs.
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