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Working Together to Relieve Pain

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Leading the Field in Transitional Pain Care

The Transitional Pain Service (TPS) is a comprehensive multidisciplinary pain management program for patients who are at risk of chronic post-surgical pain and pain-related disability.

A First-of-Its-Kind Pain Program

The Transitional Pain Service is a world-leading pain program pioneered at the Toronto General Hospital's Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management.

"What our program aims to do is to tackle two issues:

1) to break the cycle of acute pain that becomes chronic, and


2) to also wean and appropriately monitor the opioid use of our patient population."

A Message from our Director
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What is Transitional Pain Care?

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Chronic pain has become a silent epidemic. The burden of chronic pain critically impacts the quality of life of sufferers and their families and leads to steep economic and healthcare costs.

5-10% of patients who undergo major surgery develop chronic post-surgical pain.

Transitional pain care is focused on treating patients who are at risk of transitioning from acute to chronic pain following surgery  to prevent the development of chronic pain and related disability.

Transitional pain care involves a multidisciplinary team of clinicians who work together to treat patients. Care starts prior to surgery and continues after surgery and following hospital discharge.

The Transitional Pain Service (TPS) provides pain care before and after surgery to patients who are at risk of developing chronic pain. The TPS also supports patients with complex medical needs in the management of pain and opioid medication to help improve their coping and functioning.

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Our Multidisciplinary Evidence-Based Approach

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The Transitional Pain Service uses a team approach to managing transitional pain, including Physicians, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Nurse Practitioners, and other Allied Health Professionals.

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Our team takes an evidence-based approach to providing patient care and tracking patient outcomes to continue to improve our service and more effectively help our patients.

Access an Innovative Digital Health Solution

The 'Manage My Pain' platform used at the Transitional Pain Service is a digital health solution that helps patients gain control of their pain by keeping a pain record that they can easily share with their doctors.


The platform helps to improve communication between patients and clinicians and empowers patients in self-management of their pain symptoms.

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